Information Technology Merchants


Improving Payment Processing for Information Technology Merchants



Finding the right payment processsor for Information Technology Merchants who are labled as high risk can be very overwhelming. Not for eDebitDirect. We understand the restrictions and scrutiny you endure due to a history of chargebacks and large ticket transactions. eDebitDirect can assist you in navigating through this highly regulated industry.


How Can eDebitDirect Help

We understand that finding a reliable payment processor is important. Eliminate costs associated with different payment methods, such as high credit card rates and chargebacks. We have designed our payment gateway to provide a Secure Bank to Bank Payment solution and verify payment funds in real-time through our partnership with GreenBeanPay. For further details visit and

eDebitDirect Puts Value in its Payment Solution

Here is what eDebitDirect can do for your business:

  • Low Rates
  • No Chargeback Hassles
  • Same-Day Deposits
  • Real-Time Fund Verification
  • Secure Mobile Processing
  • Reoccuring Payment Schedule
  • B2B Payment Links
  • B2C Payment Links
  • Quick Merchant Approval
  • Customer Service Excellence

Your Checkout Process Simplified

eDebitDirect offers several options to process your customer payments:

  • Payment Links
  • Manual Entry
  • CSV Upload
  • Recurring/Post Dated Payments

Plugin options include: