Navigating Payment Processing Challenges in the CBD & Cannabis Industry

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The landscape of CBD and cannabis commerce is rapidly growing, creating new avenues for small business owners like yourself. Unfortunately, payment processing remains a significant hurdle for businesses seeking stability. Despite the increasing popularity of CBD products and the legalization of cannabis in many regions, high-risk merchants in this industry continue to face obstacles. Securing reliable payment processing solutions has become a difficult journey due to the politics surrounding the legislation of CBD and cannabis products. From sudden account closures to exorbitant fees, the journey toward stable payment processing has many challenges.

Financial institutions, enticed by the booming industry, may initially onboard merchants. This short-sighted move can result in many reversing course immediately, leaving businesses scrambling to find alternative solutions. These unexpected closures not only disrupt your small business operations but can also tarnish your company’s reputation. Negative marks on your financial record can hinder your ability to secure future partnerships. 

Another avenue that some CBD and cannabis merchants explore is offshore banking. While offshore processing may initially seem appealing, it comes with its own set of limitations. Many U.S. based payment companies are wary of engaging with businesses that have offshore banking relationships. This sparks concerns about regulatory compliance and financial risk. Additionally, offshore banking is often less secure and can result in delayed or lost funds. This can complicate cash flow management for your business.

Finding Stability through ACH Payment Processing 

Overcoming these challenges, ACH payment processing emerges as a beacon of stability for CBD and cannabis merchants. Traditional credit card processors offer immediate refunds to customers upon filing a claim. Alternatively, ACH payments provide merchants with more control over refund processes. Funds are directly drafted from customers’ bank accounts and deposited into the merchant’s account. This reduces the risk of fraudulent chargebacks and provides greater financial security.

Live Validation to Protect Against ISFs

The application of live validation technology can offer additional safeguards for CBD and cannabis businesses. This technology helps mitigate risks associated with insufficient funds (ISFs) and validation errors. This ensures smoother transaction processing and reduces the likelihood of financial disruptions for your small business.

Diversifying Payment Methods with Alternative Solutions

In the face of ongoing payment processing challenges, CBD and cannabis merchants increasingly turn to alternative payment processors like eDebit Direct’s Bank Draft payments. These solutions help bridge the gap between less dependable options and allow you to overcome unreliable traditional payment methods. By diversifying payment methods to include alternative sources, high-risk businesses don’t have to rely on financial institutions riddled with risks, rejections, and closures. Pave your way for a more stable path to success through alternative payment processing.

Looking Ahead: Securing a Stable Future for CBD and Cannabis Merchants

Payment processing for small businessAs the CBD and cannabis industry continues to evolve, securing stable payment processing solutions remains crucial. If you are seeking long-term success, you should partner with a reputable payment service provider. You can benefit from additional services, such as robust ad hoc reporting, invoicing, automated payment scheduling, and more with eDebit Direct’s help. Navigate the complexities of the payment landscape with confidence by relying on our customer service. With a proactive approach to payment processing and a commitment to diversification, CBD and cannabis merchants can overcome challenges and thrive in this rapidly expanding market.

Why P2P Payment Platforms Like Cashapp and Venmo Put You At Risk

CBD companies opting not to use peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile software payment platforms can avoid several potential drawbacks. Here are some benefits of avoiding P2P mobile payment platforms for CBD businesses:

Unplanned Canceled Accounts

Unprovoked and without warning, these peer-to-peer payment platforms can kick you off their software. They may hold onto funds, freeze accounts, or completely block you for policy violations, “suspicious” activity, or for no reason at all. You don’t want to rely mainly on a platform that can boot you at any time.

Regulatory Compliance

Peer-to-peer mobile payment platforms lack the necessary compliance measures to ensure adherence to stringent regulations governing CBD sales. CBD companies must comply with various legal requirements, including age verification and product labeling. However, P2P payment apps don’t have these built-in mechanisms to verify the age of purchasers. This can get you in trouble because you can’t ensure compliance with industry regulations. The result is the exposure of businesses to regulatory risks and potential fines.

Limited Transaction Visibility

P2P payment platforms typically provide limited transaction visibility and tracking capabilities. For CBD businesses, which often deal with high transaction volumes and complex sales data, this lack of transparency can pose significant challenges. It will be difficult for you to reconcile payments, track inventory, and generate accurate financial reports. Without comprehensive transaction visibility, businesses may struggle to maintain accurate records. This limits your ability to make informed business decisions.

Security Concerns

Another issue is that Peer-to-peer mobile payment platforms don’t offer the same level of security as dedicated business payment solutions. Transactions conducted through P2P apps are vulnerable to hacking, data breaches, and unauthorized access. This places sensitive customer information and financial data at risk. Given the sensitive nature of CBD transactions and the potential for fraudulent activity in the cannabis industry, businesses must prioritize security. You need to choose payment solutions with robust security features and encryption protocols.

Limited Transactions and No Support for High Transaction Volume

CBD businesses often experience high transaction volumes, especially during peak sales periods or promotional events. Peer-to-peer payment apps are not equipped to handle large volumes of transactions efficiently. This results in you having to break up large payments. You can also experience delays, processing errors, and potential disruptions in business operations. Dedicated payment processing solutions offer scalable infrastructure and advanced technology capabilities. This helps support high transaction volumes and ensure smooth payment processing.

Professional Image 

Using P2P payment platforms for business transactions may project an image of informality and lack of professionalism, especially when dealing with customers or business partners. CBD companies seeking to establish credibility and trust with their customers may prefer more traditional payment methods, such as credit card processing or electronic invoicing, to convey professionalism and reliability.

Integration Challenges

CBD and THC productsIntegrating P2P payment platforms with existing business systems and accounting software can be complex and time-consuming. CBD businesses may encounter compatibility issues, data synchronization errors, and integration challenges when attempting to connect P2P payment apps with their backend systems. In contrast, dedicated payment processing solutions offer seamless integration with popular accounting software and e-commerce platforms. This ultimately streamlines business operations and enhances efficiency.

While peer-to-peer mobile payment platforms offer convenience and ease of use for personal transactions, they are not suitable for CBD businesses. This is mostly due to regulatory compliance concerns, limited transactions, security risks, scalability issues, and integration challenges. Opt for dedicated payment processing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the CBD industry. Your business can ensure compliance, enhance security, and streamline payment operations. This will support your long-term growth and success.

CBD and Cannabis Have Alternative Payment Processing to Credit Card Merchant Accounts 

The CBD and cannabis industry operates in a complex regulatory environment. Financial institutions often view these businesses in this sector as high-risk. Traditional payment processors, influenced by major players like VISA and Mastercard, are hesitant to engage with CBD and cannabis merchants for this reason. Mostly, this is because of concerns about chargebacks and regulatory compliance. This reluctance leaves many businesses facing outright rejections from mainstream payment providers.

While payment processing challenges may persist in the CBD and cannabis industry, innovative solutions and strategic partnerships offer a path forward. Prioritize stability, security, and diversification in payment processing strategies. Doing this can position you for sustained growth and success in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

Work with eDebit Direct’s Bank Draft software solutions to overcome all of these issues. You will have reliable transactions with the ability to transfer funds directly from your client’s bank account. Payments are processed overnight and can be tracked and reported using our technology. We can integrate into your WooCommerce or Shopify platform, making the transition quick. With secure and reliable payments, you can anticipate growing exponentially as a business without fear of payments falling through. Reach out to our industry experts today for additional information. 

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