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How Can eDebitDirect Help

We understand that finding a reliable payment processor is important. Eliminate costs associated with different payment methods, such as high credit card rates and chargebacks. We have designed our payment gateway to provide a Secure Bank to Bank Payment solution and verify payment funds in real-time through our partnership with GreenBeanPay. For further details visit

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eDebitDirect Puts Value in its Payment Solution

Here is what eDebitDirect can do for your business:

  • 2 Hour Approval Process

  • Lowest Rates in the Industry

  • No Chargeback Hassles

  • Same-Day Deposits

  • Real-Time Fund Verification

  • Secure Mobile Processing

  • Recurring Payment Scheduler

  • B2B Payment Links

  • B2C Payment Links

  • Customer Service Excellence

Your Checkout Process Simplified

eDebitDirect offers several options to process your customer payments:

  • Woocommerce

  • Shopify

  • Magento

  • DebtPayPro

  • Payment Links

  • Manual Entry

  • CSV Upload

  • Recurring/Post Dated Payments

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