Install eDebit Direct Woocommerce Plugin

eDebit Direct Woocommerce Plugin Install Guide ​

The most updated copy will be found in this folder. It is best practice to pull from this folder as the developer may have made changes since you downloaded it last. Right click on the plugin .zip file and choose ‘download’

Before you begin make sure that you have these pieces of merchant information:

  • eDebit API Key and Client ID

  • Wordpress Admin Login

  • cPanel (hosting) Login

Login to WordPress. On the left-hand toolbar hover over ’Plugins’ and click ‘Add New’. On the ‘Add Plugins’ page click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button on top left of page. Click choose .zip file in your downloads folder. This is expecting the plugin to be in .zip format. DO NOT UNZIP.
After installation, we need to set up the Plugin with the merchant’s credentials:
  • On the left-hand toolbar locate ‘Woo commerce’ and select ‘settings’

  • Select ‘checkout’ from toolbar and a list of your checkout methods will appear

  • Choose ‘EDebitDirect’ – it should look like picture below.

eDebit Direct plugin

  • Enter API Key and Client ID. You may also add a description message to display to the customer.

  • We recommend doing a test transaction and confirming that eDebit Direct receives the transaction.

System Requirements & things to be taken care while installing the plugin:

PHP Requirements

  • Name

  • PHP

  • PHP max execution time

  • PHP memory limit

  • Max input time

  • Upload max filesize

  • PHP post max size

  • CURL

  • MySQL

  • Description

  • PHP version 7.4 and above

  • 18000

  • 1024M

  • 1800

  • 2M

  • 8M

  • Required cURL PHP extension

  • version 5.6 or greater

Above requirements can be validated on your server settings directly by contacting your hosting provider or through status section of WooCommerce site as per below screenshot to make sure there won’t be any timeout issues during checkout process

PHP limits eDebit Direct plugin

Server Requirements

  • Name

  • Storage space

  • CPU cores

  • Memory RAM

  • Description

  • Above 16 GB

  • Recommend is 2 but 1 CPU is also good if website does’t have lot of products and don’t have other heavy themes or plugins installed.

  • Recommended is > 4 GB but 2 GB is good if website does’t have lot of product and don’t have other heavy themes or plugins installed.

Contact eDebit Direct if you would like to run a test transaction. Any questions please contact us at or 888-616-2535.

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