Do You Need A New Side Hustle?

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Do You Need a New Side Hustle?

According to the Harvard Business Journal, “Nearly 44 million U.S. workers are currently running a side hustle”. This number is sure to grow, especially after the pandemic made the job industry unstable. With lost jobs and shrinking incomes, the economic impact of this crisis is already being felt. Workers continue to be laid off in tech and banking industries in droves. Those who’ve recently been laid off are looking for a side hustle that can generate income for the time being.

At eDebit Direct, we want to help our community survive this unprecedented turmoil. As a result, we have decided to offer a new opportunity by hiring more reseller partners. If you are looking to make extra income or need to find a new opportunity, reselling could be the right fit. We are looking for experienced sales representatives who can jump right in and can bring in new business.

eDebitDirect Reseller Partner Program

We rely on resellers, valued members of our network, to help market our services to merchants and bring in new business. Our resellers offer merchants an alternative to credit cards, a payment option that often comes with high rates, unnecessary fees, and the risk of chargebacks. Right now, merchants are looking for creative ways to cut costs, and we work hard to minimize rates for our clients.

In comparison to most reseller programs, eDebit Direct goes above and beyond, to offer the following benefits:

  • Timely monthly payouts
  • Incentives for all partners, not just the high-performers
  • Competitive commission splits
  • A free online training course

Increased Revenue Potential

As a reseller for a high-quality ACH payment processing company, you gain access to a lucrative revenue stream through commissions or markups on processed transactions. This diversified income source can bolster your bottom line without significant overhead costs.

Enhanced Customer Value Proposition

Partnering with a reputable ACH payment processing provider allows you to offer clients reliable and secure payment solutions, enhancing your value proposition. By providing access to advanced payment technology and superior customer support, you can attract and retain customers seeking trusted payment processing services.

Competitive Advantage

Aligning with a top-tier ACH payment processing company gives you a competitive edge in the market, distinguishing your offerings from competitors. With access to cutting-edge features, such as fraud detection and real-time reporting, you can position yourself as a leader. This allows you to deliver seamless payment solutions to businesses of all sizes.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a reseller, contact Jeff Ragsdale at 888-616-2535 x 110 or We would love to welcome you on board.

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